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Targeted audience


Gain unparalleled visibility within the paints and coatings industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. As a sponsor or exhibitor at PaintCentral, your brand will be strategically positioned to reach key decision-makers, industry influencers, and potential collaborators.

Thought Leadership Platform

Showcase your expertise and thought leadership in the paints and coatings sector. Engage with a captive audience through speaking opportunities, panel discussions, and exclusive workshops, establishing your brand as a frontrunner in innovation and industry advancement.


Access a high-profile network of industry leaders, manufacturers, suppliers, and stakeholders. PaintCentral provides a dynamic environment for meaningful connections, fostering relationships that can lead to strategic partnerships and business growth.
Innovation showcase


Position your products and services at the forefront of industry innovation. The exhibition platform allows you to spotlight your latest advancements, cutting-edge technologies, and solutions, demonstrating your commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.
Market expansion


Seize the opportunity to tap into new markets and expand your business footprint. PaintCentral attracts a diverse audience from across the MENA region, providing a gateway for sponsors and exhibitors to explore potential collaborations and ventures.
Brand recognition


Benefit from extensive pre-event and on-site brand exposure. PaintCentral's comprehensive marketing campaign, including online and offline channels, ensures that your brand is prominently featured, creating lasting impressions with your target audience.


Align your brand with the growing focus on sustainability within the paints and coatings industry. Showcase your commitment to eco-friendly practices and contribute to the collective effort towards a greener future.

Your Investment, Our Commitment

By investing in PaintCentral, sponsors and exhibitors not only gain access to a dynamic marketplace but also become integral partners in shaping the future of the paints and coatings industry in the MENA region.

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